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Classical Sculpture. The 5th century has been considered the height of Greek civilization, after which everything inevitably declined. Today it is generally recognized that the art of the 5th century is part of the general development of Greek art and should not be praised above any other period. Students will understand that the ancient civilizations of the Americas demonstrated technological achievements, such as knowledge of mathematics and astronomy and the ability to construct massive architectural works. Students will understand that religion was a powerful force in the Americas. Many societies combined religious and state rule. Alexander’s empire combined Greek culture with the cultures of Persia and the other lands he conquered. Later historians called this combination of cultures the Hellenistic civilization. Hellenism is a word derived from the Greeks’ traditional name for themselves. Dec 17, 2016 · The result was a “dark age” accompanied by massive disruptions in the Greek economy and civilization, including a total loss of literacy. This dark age lasted about three centuries, from 1100 to 800 BCE and, while it seems from our perspective today like a dismal time, it must have been a dynamic and fascinating period in Greek history ...